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Football Freestyler

Instagram sensation Aguska Mnich is lighting up the world of football freestyle. “I don’t know what’s happening but times are changing”

By Ralph Jones

Agency Of Movement

From school level onwards, we need to redefine sport for women. A conversation between Al Greenwood and Ceylon Hickman at Football Beyond Borders

By Al Greenwood

All To Play For

Garnering rare insight, Sports Team drummer Al Greenwood speaks to pro footballers about the origins and future of the women’s game

By Al Greenwood

Football Legend

Gender play and accolades: “Once upon a time, there was a little girl in Scotland, who was actually a little boy.”

By Alice Snape

Never Hold Back

Former professional boxer who’s breaking down gender stereotypes in sport and beyond to ensure a better future for generations to come

By Ella Braidwood

Behind The Lens

Lifelong Manchester United fan and Sports Team drummer Al Greenwood interviews her favourite photographers who are navigating the grassroots women’s football field

By Al Greenwood