Welcome to Glorious. It’s time to give women’s sport the spotlight
it deserves.

Glorious is an online membership club, building a community to elevate women’s sport through the lens of art and culture. We are giving a platform to stories that deserve to be told and carving out more space for female voices in sport, be that at grassroots or professional level. Our goal is always the same: to enthral and captivate in the same way that women’s sport does.

As a Glorious member you will have access to inspiring stories from award-winning writers, photographers, illustrators, artists and filmmakers. Not only will you be a part of a global community of like-minded people, but you will also receive exclusive offers from our brand partnerships and access to our events. A percentage of your membership fee will go to our charity partner, The Women’s Sport Trust, so as a member of Glorious you will be actively championing change.


‘Senses relating to play, pleasure, or entertainment’

Oxford English Dictionary definition


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