Tag: fitness

A Story Of Two Halves

“I’m not one of each, I’m a bit of everything.” Muay Thai champion Annabelle Gely on identity, motherhood and seeking joy above all else

By Tahmina Begum

Running On Full

Ultrarunner Fernanda Maciel on her appetite for endurance: “So much of an ultra is about suffering, you need to go through the pain”

By Sam Haddad

Defying The Odds

“I knew it would be tough: sharks, wind, currents, swell.” In her own words, Lauren Tischendorf explains the inspiration behind her history-making swim

By Lauren Tischendorf

State Of Mind

Leg day, what about brain day? I worked my mind muscle for a five-week programme and this is what happened

By Rose Stokes

Going For It

“I am a work in progress.” Paralympic athlete Hannah Cockroft recounts the highlights, lowlights and life lessons of a fruitful career

By Hannah Cockroft

Stories Of Strength

We speak to author and athlete Haley Shapley: “Often, women see their bodies as form more than function. Strength training helped to shift my perspective.”

By Renee Brincks

Primal Protection

“Fighting spirit is like a muscle in itself and you have to work at that muscle.” Is fear fuelling a trend in women’s boxing?

By Samantha Lewis

Futuristic Fashion

From volcanic ash to activated silk, activewear is seeing a sustainable revolution as customers seek natural solutions to synthetics. So, what’s next?

By Esther Newman