Category: Investigative

Let's Talk Ocean

Do you make sustainable life choices? This week, in honour of World Ocean Day, we're highlighting some amazing women who are passionate about our oceans, rivers and lakes, and intent on preserving them for future generations

By Alison Root

Let's Talk Pioneers

This week we shine a light on some of the amazing pioneers in women’s sports that have shattered societal norms, challenged stereotypes and advocate for a brighter future within and outside the realms of sport

By Alison Root


Why is Community so important when it comes to sport? It's no secret that the power of connection and support can truly transform lives both on and off the field. We deep dive into the subject to uncover the profound impact of community in the world of sport

By Alison Root

Family Matters

This week, we're taking a deep dive into the subject of family and sport, exploring the fascinating question of whether sporting talent is inherent or nurtured. Here, our editor Alison Root shares her thoughts

By Alison Root

The Fertility Expert

When is the right time to have a baby? Gain invaluable insights from Professor Geeta Nargund, a renowned fertility expert, as she sheds light on the challenges and choices that shape the journey of sportswomen in balancing their athletic ambitions with family planning

By Glorious

The Chatbot

The year is 2050. The impact of automation and AI on the world is becoming increasingly evident. But how will these advancements in technology shape the future of women's sports? We asked ChatGPT!

By Glorious

Tech: The Players

Has technology changed the way we play? From bespoke chairs in wheelchair basketball to advanced data analysis in cricket, technology has transformed the way athletes prepare and compete. We meet Sophie Carrigill and Tammy Beaumont MBE to discuss technological advancements

By Glorious

Sports Tech

Welcome to the Glorious 'Women in Tech' edition! This week we're shining a spotlight on the intersection of sports and technology, and the incredible women who are leveraging tech to transform the game

By Glorious

The Corrector

Do you trust the Internet when researching facts? Rebecca Sowden didn’t, due to the number of statistical inaccuracies that disadvantaged sportswomen, so she created Correct The Internet and now change is in progress

By Glorious

Detox Culture

Is 'detoxing' just diet culture re-packaged in wellness wrapping paper? We explore the resurgence of diet culture and the dangerous consequences it can have

By Katie Baskerville