What is Yoga?

“Better choices build into a kind rebellion.” In her own words, the founder of Yogi Bare explains how slowing down can open up a world of possibilities

By Kat Pither

For me, yoga was my back pocket healer. I discovered it quietly and softly when I was in rehab struggling with acute anxiety, PTSD and addiction. Yoga seemed like this exotic, mystical magic. I couldn’t explain it but I knew I felt it. It shrunk demons. It tethered my mind to my body. So what is yoga? First things first: forget everything you see on social media. Yoga is a feeling – not a pose. Yes, the poses are beautiful, like art, and I know it’s allowed some incredible yogis to bloom in confidence as they explore their creativity. However, despite what you see, you can’t actually take a picture of yoga.

Yoga is the sweet surrender as you feel yourself let go during the bliss of savasana. Yoga is the girl who hides in the toilets having panic attacks, remembering slow inhales and exhales, being her own hero. Yoga is the flicker of unguarded emotion across the face of man who bottles up his feelings. Yoga is lightness and weightlessness. Yoga is feeling safe in a room full of strangers.

“Yoga is feeling safe in a room full of strangers.”

Yoga is clarity in a whirlwind. It’s connection – with yourself and, in turn, with others. You’ll never be able to trap its magic in a lens, and I wouldn’t want to anyway. I created Yogi Bare out of a feeling – of belonging and not belonging. Because we’ve all been there. Standing in a class unsure how literal the word ‘dynamic’ will be taken, searching #Yogaeverydamnday on Instagram, setting a 5am alarm to meditate and feeling guilty when not quite making it. Prior to Yogi Bare, I worked as a script writer for film and TV, which included a stint as a script developer at the British Film Institute. I loved the type of writing that clearly came from a place of real, raw, honest emotion. Similarly, with Yogi Bare, I’m not trying to be anything other than myself.

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