The Yoga Practice With A Real Difference

Polaroid series: Finding time for her yoga practice has become a business for Rozana Hall. Here, she tells us about her must-have items

By Rozana Hall

I have always been someone who needed exercise in their life, I love the meditation and introspection that activities such as running and yoga offer. I completed the London Marathon back in 2018 (the hottest one on record, I’ll have you know) and have always been evangelical about the mental benefits that exercise can offer. Whether that’s a runner’s high or deep meditation, I really believe everyone should have a daily dose. Yoga has been my daily ritual now for almost 5 years. It’s been in my life longer swooping in at more challenging periods but it wasn’t until I found my tribe that I really became obsessed. For me, yoga offers a holistic approach to health; the philosophy, physical, energetic and spiritual teachings have allowed me to reconnect better with myself and the world around me. From a physical point of view, yoga and specifically ‘rocket yoga’ offers me the complete package in terms of cardio, strength and flexibility, and now I only focus on this as an activity, or more accurately a lifestyle.

My daily practice is like brushing my teeth; I don’t feel right unless I have done it. Whether it be breath work (pranayama) or asana (physical), carving out that time for myself is really important. My practice and The Rogue Room focuses on Rocket Vinyasa, which is dynamic and strong yoga practice. The Rogue Room pairs the sequencing to high-octane dance music to help students slip into a deeper sense of meditation, building on the similarities experienced in ‘Flow state’, and those experienced on the dance floor listening to your favourite DJ. To me, those moments are symbiotic and The Rogue Room was created to bring these worlds together.

I have a little area set up ready for me to practice at home, which allows me to get on to my mat whenever time allows. I have crystals – natural smoky quartz and Labradorite, and incense sticks nearby, which sets the energy and brings me some balance. Smoky quartz is a stone of abundance, confidence and balance. It cultivates creative drive and zaps negativity. A really close friend of mine gave me this crystal after I launched the business and I have had it close by ever since; it’s brought some pretty unbelievable magic into my life. The Labradorite crystal helps unleash creativity and allows me to connect more with my intuition; I really feel I have learned to trust more on that gut instinct with this crystal in my life, which I truly believe women have innate powers to. It’s a great crystal for transformation and it has supported me no end as I moved from a long-standing career to a completely new sector.

If I am travelling to the studio, I will opt for the cosiest get-up to make the journey comfortable. A hoodie and warm socks, more often than not stolen from my husband. In a Rocket class, your temperature drops quickly at the end, so the hoodie and socks make a second appearance later in Savasana (corpse pose). Wearing something warm that allows you to completely relax will enhance the meditation and overall release.

Right now, you will see me living in my Rogue Room savasana hoodie paired with my ‘clomping around the city’ Grensen boots, which work with everything. I am all about the multi-functional get-up and love to mix feminine and tough looks, so both these pieces are great. If you spot me clomping, you’ll also be guaranteed to clock my Yogi Bare mat (the most pleasurable magic carpet for the transcending moments in the studio) thrown over my shoulder. I’m often lugging lots around when out and about – yoga bricks, laptop and speakers – so I look for an appropriate vessel that is big and strong, but stylish. My Y3 bag ticks every box, with compartments for every occasion; sturdy with lots of zips. It helps to have something I can throw all and sundry in while I walk, train or cycle to classes or meetings.

My commute to the studio can be the most tranquil, after dropping my little one off at school (which can be hectic at the best of times) I savour the extended moment of sitting on a bus or train, headphoned up and listening to my favourite podcast (Russell Brand’s Under The Skin being a current obsession). Or a new track selection for the Rogue Room Spotify channel. My favourite pastime is deep diving into different music, through Spotify or Soundcloud. Discovering new artists and tracks is what keeps me alive and revives my practice. When I find a track that makes me feel something, I always share it with those closest, as there’s nothing more beautiful in life than the gift of music, and that sentiment is one of the reasons I started The Rogue Room. If it’s an early morning class, I always find London catches me by surprise, seeing the sunrise over Redchurch Street or the stillness of Arnold Circus’s ancient trees. It really is a marvel to see.

After practice or teaching, I will usually get on with the working day; whether it’s emails or meetings I feel ready to take on running The Rogue Room. As a small business, we are in start-up mode, which means it’s a 100mph. No day is the same and the business is moving so fast, so I find I am too. We have just launched an exclusive residency with Fabric London, so I am back and forth to meet with the team there. I can’t wait to welcome our rebels into that hallowed space; it’s one of the most exhilarating experiences practicing under the lights and haze of Fabric. Zipping around London, creating unique partnerships such as Fabric that bring something new to the world, is what I live for and I try to take a moment to celebrate these champagne moments. Redemption at Fabric will certainly be one of those.

My Beats Pill is my trusty musical sidekick, and I have had it for years. It is the perfect accompaniment if I am teaching a class or need to create an atmosphere for myself to work, self practice or have some fun in the park with my little girl. It’s sleek, portable and packs a good punch when it comes to the sound. I throw it in my bag wherever I go and that’s why it’s so battered – it’s such a robust speaker. Music is a fundamental part of my life and I am so lucky to have grown up listening to an eclectic mix of sounds from dance music to Baila music from Sri Lanka, where my parents are from. Music helps me access other worlds in my practice – having a pumping beat opens new dimensions, whether it’s a track that reminds me of a moment on the dance floor releasing endorphins or a beautiful film score that transports me to other worlds. For me, music is intrinsic to my physical practice and I love to combine music and movement. No session will be the same without a considered playlist booming from my Beats Pill.

My beauty regime is pretty stripped back as I have very sensitive skin. I love Kielh’s and use a few different products from its range. I love the Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Mask at night to help replenish my skin while I sleep. It’s like a mega dose of moisture under the skin. On nights that don’t require a full facial mask, I use Kielh’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, which makes my skin feel like silk the next day. It’s dope! I have long hair, which has been bleached for many years, so I focus my hair rituals on protection and nourishment. My go-to for hair at the moment is WIIG Toning Treatment for Blondes. Anna, my hairdresser, who is the creator of this little bottle of goodness, is a genius. It’s natural and takes the brassy tones out of bleached hair, while reinvigorating my locks. And it smells delectable. I love a multi-tasking product and this ticks every single box.

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