petrichor projects

In the realm of cycling gear, a new brand emerged on the scene in May 2023, catching our attention for all the right reasons. petrichor projects, founded by Claire Goodman, is making waves with its dedication to size inclusivity and a woman-first approach.

Claire, a seasoned technical product developer with 15 years of experience working with renowned sportswear brands, identified a gap in the market for size-inclusive cycling clothing tailored specifically for women. Last year, petrichor projects debuted with a women’s bib short, a product that not only earned three glowing press reviews but also clinched the coveted Editors’ Choice Award from Singletrack World.

What sets this sustainable business apart is its unwavering commitment to inclusivity. Embracing women of all shapes and sizes, petrichor projects ensures its cycling clothing is not only technically excellent but also genuinely caters to the unique needs of female cyclists.

As petrichor projects gears up for a top-up order of their award-winning bib shorts, with a full re-stock in all sizes, now is the perfect time to explore their collection. Head to to see why this business is making a big impact in the cycling community. Ride confidently with gear that puts inclusivity, performance, and style at the forefront.

Happy cycling x