Tag: Rugby

Driving Ambition

Nabila Tejpar is the driving force behind change in motorsport. As a professional rally driver, she knows all about working to the absolute limits plus the risk, and reward, that comes with it

By Katy Fairman

Redefining Rugby

Alejandra Carles-Tolra discusses her images of tenacious women’s rugby players who are tackling homophobia head-on

By Megan Wallace

Double Life

“I remember playing at Twickenham and the next day I was up on a pub roof putting a fire out.” Variety is the spice of life for rugby athlete Shaunagh Brown

By Kate Carter

Spirit Of Rugby

We interview photographer and rugby player Lara Miller about carving out her niche with abstract Michelangelo style shots of the brutal game

By Jess Hayden

Tackling Self-Love And Acceptance

Female rugby athletes are taking control of the body confidence conversation in a way that celebrates strength and power

By Poorna Bell