Category: Professional

Family: The Sisters

What makes two sisters excel in the realm of running? Is it a matter of nature or nurture? We sit down with Hannah and Jodie Williams to delve into their exceptional athletic prowess and creative abilities

By Glorious

Mother & Daughter

What if your children excel in a sport? How do you nurture their talent and handle the business side of things? Meet Jenny and Charlotte Lynch - a mother-daughter duo making waves in the world of football

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Tech: The Players

Has technology changed the way we play? From bespoke chairs in wheelchair basketball to advanced data analysis in cricket, technology has transformed the way athletes prepare and compete. We meet Sophie Carrigill and Tammy Beaumont MBE to discuss technological advancements

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Business: The Artist

From basketball courts to murals and sculptures, artist Lois O’Hara uses the power of colour to brighten up public spaces. We chat to her about working with brands, the changing landscape, and what’s coming up next

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Business: Motorsport

Is Susie Wolff the solution to diversifying Formula 1? As Managing Director of the new F1 Academy, she aims to propel more women into the sport. We deep dive into the world of motorsport and meet drivers Tatiana Calderón and Jessica Hawkins to discuss the ever changing landscape

By Danielle de Wolfe

Business: The Photographer

What’s it like to capture women’s sport? How do you balance your creative personal projects with branded campaigns? We sit down with famed sports photographer Karen Yeomans to discuss the changing commercial landscape and the realities of earning a living through photography

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Business: Marketing Experts

How are brands harnessing the power of women's sport? We asked marketing experts Jenny Mitton and Neil Hopkins of M&C Saatchi Sport and Entertainment to discuss the dynamic and rapidly evolving space

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Business: The Entrepreneur

How does Rosie Hall balance brand integrity while partnering with a sporting supergiant like Nike? Meet the founder of The Rogue Room, a new approach to yoga that breaks down barriers and fosters community

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Business: The Sports Agent

Ever wondered who's responsible for making the deals behind your favourite athletes' success? Meet sports agent Robyn Tallis, the mastermind behind managing some of the top talent in the sports industry

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The Hijabi Boxer

Overcoming a debilitating illness? Tick. Becoming the first boxer in the world to fight wearing a hijab? Tick. All while studying law? Tick, tick and tick! We sit down with Safiyyah Syeed to discuss the power of sport and perseverance

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