In Conversation With Illustrator Matt Munday

Illustrator Matt Munday creates work that celebrates the beauty and joy of movement. And, as he tells Glorious, “If I can put a smile on a few faces, then it’s definitely worth doing.”

By Glorious

Illustration by Matt Munday

East London-based illustrator Matt Munday has used lockdown to develop his illustration techniques and explore his freelance career, and is now a much-sought-after artist with an extensive portfolio of bold, beautiful work. Whether personal projects or those undertaken with brands and charities such as Disco Disco London and Made In Hackney, Matt’s joyful pieces showcase a signature style bursting with vibrancy and energy. In this interview with Glorious, Matt discusses his inspirations, the power of imagery to elevate women’s sport, and how he channels his passions for music, movement and colour to create art that is lighthearted, inspirational and fun.

Dogtown Part 2, 2020.

G: What difference do you find between producing work for clients and developing personal projects? MM: I think self-initiated projects are super important. They obviously come with a lot more creative freedom, as they’re my opportunity to solely express myself. I think the structure you get from a client is transferable when coming up with self-initiated projects. I usually set myself a brief on a topic I want to explore, and it always helps to give myself a deadline so I don’t lose focus. Dealing with clients is obviously a completely different ballpark to personal projects, and it’s always varied! Sometimes you are completely on the same wavelength, they trust your vision and it’s smooth sailing. Other times it’s a longer journey. I think as a designer you should vocalise your opinion, as they have come to you for a reason – your creativity. However, at the end of the day the client pays the bills and you want them to be happy, so it’s a balancing act. People seem to resonate the most with work that comes from passion. It is the personal projects that have been picked up by brands or art directors who want to collaborate with me that bring me the most joy. If, ultimately, you can create work they love and you are proud of, you are winning.

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