Running To Extremes

Breaking records and conquering mountains is commonplace for lawyer turned ultramarathon athlete Fernanda Maciel. We find out what drives her constant appetite for endurance sports

By Glorious

Brazil’s Fernanda Maciel is one of the world’s best ultrarunners, setting speed records on the highest mountains in the world including racing up and down Mount Kilimanjaro, being the first woman to run the Camino de Santiago Compostela (860km in 10 days) and to run up the entirety of Argentina’s Aconcagua mountain, the largest peak in South America. As a qualified environmental lawyer, Fernanda is passionate about protecting the environment and through her personal project, White Flow, she is determined to use her running career to make a positive impact on the places she visits to promote environmental and social change. Now based in Chamonix, France, which has easy access to trail runs up to the Pyrenees, we talk to the 42-year-old Red Bull and The North Face athlete about running solo, respect for feeling fear, favourite football team and most important dinner guests.

glorious fernanda maciel red bull the north face running on mountain
Ultrarunner Fernanda is known for acts of extreme endurance. Photography by Jordan Manoukian.

Glorious: You grew up in Brazil, so tell us about your childhood, is that where your love of sport and nature began?

Fernanda Maciel: I was born into a family of jiu-jitsu and capoeira fighters. At my grandfather’s house, there was a huge wrestling ring in the garden, so I always spent Sunday afternoons fighting with my brother and my cousins. My grandfather was the partner of Hélio Grace, founder of Grace Barra, my father’s a master of capoeira. I competed in gymnastics, then capoeira and jiu-jitsu, but I always ran in preparation for the sport I practiced. My love of nature also stems from my childhood, for example, running to a waterfall and back home again with my brother.

Glorious: From a gymnast to a jiu-jitsu champion, what attracted you to make the switch to endurance sports?

Fernanda Maciel: I had to study a lot to become a lawyer and I started to run during break times. Then a TV show in Brazil invited me to take part in an outdoor endurance programme where I had to run, ride a bike, paddle kayaks, climb, etc. That TV show introduced me to endurance sports and I have never looked back.

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Glorious: When you’re not running or climbing mountains, how do you spend your time?

Fernanda Maciel: I spend time reading books, I’m currently reading How to do the Work by Dr Nicole LePera, a holistic psychologist. I’m studying French at the moment and I’m also a co-partner in an import and export company that I created with my brother.

Glorious: Do you play or have an interest in watching other sports?

Fernanda Maciel: I’m Brazilian and we love football in our country. Since childhood I have watched many matches and my favourite team is “Galo” Atlético Mineiro from my home state of Minas Gerais.

glorious fernanda maciel red bull the north face climbing mountain
"My mind has to be calm and I have to concentrate on the moment to succeed each step." Photography by Mathis Dumas.


Glorious: Amongst other solo expeditions, you became the first woman to run the Camino de Santiago Compostela (860km in 10 days). How long does it take to prepare for such a feat, what is involved?

Fernanda Maciel: I generally spend around four hours a day training, road cycling and running. For any long ultra race, like Camino de Santiago, it takes many years of preparation. My diet plan for this race was the hard part. I packed lots of electrolytes and carbohydrates in powder form for the 10-day race, and fortunately I was able to find bars along the way where I could buy water, sandwiches and snacks.

Glorious: What has been your most treacherous challenge and why?

Fernanda Maciel: Marathon des Sables, a 250km run across the Sahara Desert is really challenging, because other than being given water, you have to carry all your essentials for the 7-day race.

Fernanda and Kaytlyn Gerbin running La Vuelta al Hielo Continental in Chile, Argentina.

Glorious: In 2020 you combined running and climbing Spain’s Picos de Europa mountains, covering a distance of 83km with an elevation gain of more than 6,000m. What inspired you to do this challenge and describe your emotions when you reached the summit?

Fernanda Maciel: My North Face teammate Eneko Pou (the Pou brothers) invited me to climb the most epic limestone mountain in Spain, the Naranjo de Bulmes. Of course, I accepted the challenge, but I decided to extend it to include the famous long traverse from the Spanish coastline to the Picos de Europa. It was an amazing technical running route that brought me so many wild emotions. The climbing part was the easiest because Eneko was climbing so fast and I had so much confidence in him that we climbed the wall in just 1 hour. In total, it took me almost 15 hours to complete this crazy mission. It was incredible, we helped each other and hugged like crazy when we reached the beautiful summit.

glorious fernanda maciel red bull the north face running on mountain
"I generally spend around four hours a day training, road cycling and running." Photography by Jordan Manoukian.

Glorious: What do you prefer – running or climbing – do you have to have a different mindset?

Fernanda Maciel: You have to have a different mindset. I prefer running, but learning to climb and adding to a long traverse is a tremendous challenge for me. Running brings adrenaline, speed, performance and my mind can be free to explore its thoughts. I have a macro vision of the moment and place. Whereas climbing requires technical skills, balance and focus. My mind has to be calm and I have to concentrate on the moment to succeed each step.

glorious fernanda maciel red bull the north face running mountain
Fernanda advocates for the preservation of natural spaces. Photography by Mathis Dumas.

Glorious: Do you ever get lonely or scared when you’re running solo?

Fernanda Maciel: I do feel fear sometimes but that is one of the reasons why I love what I do. Some wild solo runs scare me but feeling that emotion is fine, as I give more respect to the place where I’m running and I become more alert of my steps. Usually I run 95% solo on big mountains.

Glorious: You are passionate about protecting nature. Tell us about your White Flow project?

Fernanda Maciel: As an environmental lawyer, I decided to create the White Flow project in 2012. Each project is a tough running challenge that I document and share with my friends and followers to promote environmental and social issues around the world. The next one is in Nepal in September.

glorious fernanda maciel red bull the north face on top of mountain with group high five
Fernanda at the summit of Italy's Gran Paradiso. Photography by Mathis Dumas.
On top of the world. Photography by Jordan Manoukian.

Glorious: What continues to drive you to your next challenge?

Fernanda Maciel: My passion for remote mountains, the silence, challenging myself to be a better person, observing my emotions and feelings, and growing as a runner.

Glorious: What’s next?

Fernanda Maciel: I’m currently high altitude training in Kyrgysztan to better prepare myself to climb the 8,000m peak of Nepal’s Manaslu mountain.

Glorious: If you could run or climb anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Fernanda Maciel: India and Tibet because I have never been to these places and the mountains and culture looks absolutely amazing.

Glorious: Name four inspirational women that you’d like to invite for dinner!

Fernanda Maciel: My friends are my idols: Bruna Kajiya, Leticia Bulfoni, Rory Bosio, Martina Valmassoi.

glorious fernanda maciel red bull the north face climbing mountain
"I do feel fear sometimes but that is one of the reasons why I love what I do." Photography by Mathis Dumas/Red Bull Content Pool.

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Images Courtesy of The North Face and Red Bull Content Pool. Visit Fernanda’s explorer page here


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