Tag: Sport

Jump To The Beat

Marina Correia describes the euphoria of longboard dancing: “I have developed a kind of unconditional love for the sport. It’s an art and a way of life.”

By Marina Correia

Pole Position

Dan Burn-Forti talks Glorious through his photography series showcasing the athletes competing at the World Pole Sports Championships

By Glorious

Polo Pomp

The rise of polo as a people’s sport. Glorious and photographer Coco Capitán spend a day with the best female players in the world

By Daisy Woodward

Trash Transformer

Taking everyday objects and upcycling them: for imaginative and sustainability-conscious designer Nicole McLaughlin, there are no limits

By Arwa Haider

Goal Setting

It's far better to set attainable goals rather than make unachievable New Year resolutions! We asked some superstar athletes and Glorious contributors what dreams they want to turn into a reality in 2022

By Glorious

New Heights

Being a plus-sized woman had held back Emmie Harrison-West but rock climbing gave her a confidence and optimism that changed her view of sport, her body and her life

By Emmie Harrison-West

Fight Club

Model, photographer and writer Laura Bailey discusses her passion for boxing, and how the sport can empower women, strengthen communities and change lives

By Laura Bailey

My Christmas

Ever wondered what your favourite sporting stars get up to during the Christmas break? We asked some of our Glorious friends how they celebrate

By Glorious

Snap Decisions

Sports photographer Fernando Fath champions equality for women in his powerful work shooting athletes and sports teams worldwide

By Glorious

Run Like A Mum

Bristol-based mum and founder of This Mum Runs, Mel Bound is helping women from all walks of life to get active by putting the joy back into running

By Alice Barraclough