Tag: Fashion

Shoes With Soul

“From commute to cocktails” footwear designer Tracey Neuls creates versatile and beautiful shoes for active women

By Samantha Lewis

Pitch Perfect

Equality in the changing room? West Ham Football Club has been there, done that, got the shirt(s)...

By Eleanor Lee

Tomboy Label

We speak to the designer whose handbags have caught Beyonce’s eye, as well as major fashion and entertainment brands. Kelly Gunner is one to watch.

By Kemi Alemoru

Top Gear

A duo with designs on sportswear: Helen Stark and Bex Whattler’s HER Studio prints grace the coolest athleisure brands

By Amy Sedghi

Advantage: Fashion

From Wimbledon to the French Open, tennis has served up style inspiration for over a century – and this summer, a new wave of ethical athleisure wear is set to raise the game

By Samantha Lewis

Flower Power

Is the summer of love making a comeback? We speak to LA skateboarding crew GRLSWIRL whose style may evoke the ’70s, but whose values remain timeless

By Sophie Wilson

Fashion In Motion

Meet sportswear specialist Claudine Rousseau: “My job is to create clothing that responds to the need of a cyclist and to make sure it’s done in a refined way”

By Annabel Herrick

Primal Protection

“Fighting spirit is like a muscle in itself and you have to work at that muscle.” Is fear fuelling a trend in women’s boxing?

By Samantha Lewis

Futuristic Fashion

From volcanic ash to activated silk, activewear is seeing a sustainable revolution as customers seek natural solutions to synthetics. So, what’s next?

By Esther Newman

Swing Forward

Vote hoodie and joggers. Dual efforts of leading apparel brands and professional golfers are pushing fashion boundaries to modernise the sport

By Anya Alvarez