Love Match: Marta Kostyuk

Forget match point, did you see Marta Kostyuk's wedding dress... on the court at Wimbledon?! Here's the story behind her unique Wimbledon outfit that blurred the lines between love and the court.

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As Marta Kostyuk strode onto the pristine grass courts of Wimbledon this year, eagle-eyed fans did a double take. “Isn’t that…?” they thought. You guessed it – the Ukrainian tennis star was sporting a stunning, shorter version of her actual wedding dress! But this wasn’t your average bridal sequel. Kostyuk’s on-court look, christened ‘The Marta Dress,’ was a unique and personal statement, a testament to the way she seamlessly blends her love life and her athletic prowess.

From "I do" to aces! via @wilsontennis

The story behind the dress starts last November in sun-drenched Cyprus. Kostyuk, preparing to tie the knot with her partner George Kyzymenko, partnered with Wilson, her clothing sponsor, for a first-of-its-kind collaboration. Together, they created not one, but two stunning wedding dresses. Kostyuk envisioned light, comfortable, and unforgettable gowns – and Wilson delivered. The dresses featured subtle nods to Kostyuk’s athleticism, like the tennis-inspired straps on the main gown, adorned with delicate hand-appliquéd flowers that added a touch of whimsical elegance. Function was just as important as style – Wilson’s head designer, Joelle Michaeloff, ensured the dresses allowed for unrestricted movement, essential for both saying “I do” and dominating on the court.

Marta married last November in Cyprus. Image via

Fast forward to Wimbledon, and Kostyuk’s sartorial choices come full circle. The ‘Marta Dress’ is a sporty reimagining of her wedding gown. It boasts a deep-V neck, an open back reminiscent of bridal couture, and a removable button-up layer that channels the whimsicality of a bridal veil. The main dress itself remains functionally similar, with the addition of practical ball shorts for on-court performance.


Double duty? Kostyuk's wedding dress gets a sporty makeover for the court

Kostyuk’s debut in the dress was a smash. The No. 18 seed secured a decisive victory over Slovakia’s Rebecca Sramkova, winning 6-3, 6-2. She continued her strong run, defeating Daria Saville in the second round. Though she fell short in the third round against the formidable Madison Keys, Kostyuk’s ‘Marta Dress’ served aces both on and off the court. Crafted from high-performance recycled fabric, it features quick-dry technology and gentle compression, meeting the demands of a pro athlete without sacrificing its aesthetic charm.

For fans who want to emulate Kostyuk’s unique style, Wilson has made the piece available for purchase. The dress starts at $198 (£160), with the optional mesh overlay adding a touch of bridal whimsy for an additional $100. This overlay, complete with playful button enclosures reminiscent of a veil, serves as a stylish yet functional pre-match entrance statement. A portion of the proceeds from the dress sales goes to charity, reflecting Kostyuk’s commitment to giving back.

On court, via @wilsontennis

On social media, Kostyuk couldn’t contain her delight, calling her outfit “the world’s most technical wedding dress” and thanking Wilson for making another dream come true. “Everything that was in my wedding dress is the same in the tennis dress because it’s the way I live my life on and off the court,” Kostyuk shared on Wilson’s website. She also noted that she plans to frame the dress post-Wimbledon, “I’ll hang it on the wall somewhere! It definitely will be one of the highlights of my life and my career!”

The collaboration between Kostyuk and Wilson is more than just a fashion statement (and a brilliant marketing-play!) it embodies the merging of two important aspects of her life – love and tennis. Her story has resonated with fans worldwide, showcasing how personal style can transcend the traditional boundaries of sports attire. From her dreamy wedding in Cyprus to the iconic grass courts of Wimbledon, all while wearing versions of the same dress, Kostyuk’s journey is a narrative of dedication, passion, and a love for the game that goes beyond the baseline. It’s a love story fit for a fairytale (and a few well-placed forehands!).

From concept to court: Kostyuk and designer Joelle Michaeloff bring a one-of-a-kind dress to life

Buy The Marta dress here, purchase the dress with additional overlay here 

Learn more about the dress and hear from Wilson’s head of design Joelle Michaeloff (and Marta!) here.

All imagery via Wilson.

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