Colour Pop Bonanza

“Humour is the ultimate defence reaction” says photographer and director Aleksandra Kingo in conversation with Glorious

By Glorious

Photography by Aleksandra Kingo

Hailing from Lithuania, Aleksandra Kingo is a photographer and director who is known for vibrant colours, surreal compositions and idiosyncratic wit. Humour is at the heart of her work, where, in her words, she “walks the razor’s edge between discomfort and sexiness,” curating scenes that beguile, amuse and disgust – all at once. Aleksandra has worked with Virgin Atlantic, Kenzo, Honda and Haagen Dazs. As a nominee for the prestigious Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize and a big meme fan, her work unpeels the glitz of pop culture to unveil dark, sinister depths. And it’s impossible to look away. Here’s her story:

Let’s Get Physical, 2017.
Let’s Get Physical, 2017.

G: Where do you look to find inspiration at the moment? What is currently inspiring your work? AK: In the last few years I have expanded my practice towards directing as well, which has resulted in being represented in the US for TV commercials. I find the world of filmmaking absolutely fascinating as there’s so much more scope to tell stories in different ways! It makes me approach my photographic work with more excitement too. One affects another beautifully. Speaking of themes, I started therapy last summer (thank you lockdown for making me do that!) and been digging into the depths of my own head, trying to unpin my own fears and insecurities. So a lot of things I am working on are based on that – being a little bit afraid of growing up (as I am approaching 30), creative struggles and motherhood. I like working with serious – perhaps even slightly dark – topics and then bringing them to a point of absurdity, sprinkling bright colours and memes all over them. For example, the latest thing I have been working on is a short film about a woman struggling to make a short film. She is dreaming about the idea of going viral and what acknowledgement her work will get.

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