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Stepping Out

“I was excited by the challenge of bringing to life something that no one had ever seen before.” Bronwen Foster-Butler, chief marketing officer for cult boot brand VOYLOK, chats about her life and tells us why the natural footwear is perfect for the great outdoors

By Glorious

Get Your Kicks

Sneaker culture is big business and someone who knows all about that is Shernay La Touche. The industry insider reveals how she’s helping women get a fair share of the male-dominated industry

By Shernay La Touche


"What's ultimately most important is functionality." From getting to work or leaving the pub, Urban rider Alice Tate talks us through her go-to gadgets for smooth cycling

By Alice Tate


Let’s face it, everyone needs a break! With a focus on mental health awareness this month, if you’ve made it 5 months into 2022 without taking your foot off the accelerator, it’s time to stop, recharge and reset

By Glorious

Face Facts

Believing that exercises for the face are as important as those for the body, Inge Theron’s FaceGym is changing the beauty landscape

By Glorious

Weekend Viewing

Want to curl up in front of a screen this weekend but stuck for something to watch? We’ve got you covered!

By Glorious

Festival Faves

From biodegradable glitter to a pop-up tent, we’ve rounded up our top 10 festival essentials that should be on your packing list!

By Glorious

Gifts For Mum

In need of a last minute Mother’s Day present? If you're looking for the perfect gift for your sporty, marvellous mother that's a little different to the norm, then read on!

By Glorious

Being Your Best

Can tech really help us upgrade our health and wellbeing? Even if you haven’t heard of the term "biohacking" before, you’ve probably encountered a version of it. Glorious investigates the science (and art) behind some of the ways we’re controlling our health

By Alice Barraclough

Older And Bolder!

Fretting about getting older? Two work colleagues set about redefining the ageing process with their website Bolder and a book that celebrates older people still living their best – and sportiest – lives

By Amy Sedghi