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An Enthralling Journey: Gabrielle Zevin’s Literary Triumph


Gabrielle Zevin’s “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow” has taken the literary world by storm, securing its place as a chart-topping bestseller. High praise from Glorious fave Zadie Smith was enough for us to pick it up, and we’re very glad we did!

The story kicks off in 1987 with two young souls meeting in a hospital gaming room, bonding over their shared love for video games. Joy, escape, and intense competition follow. Eight years later, a chance encounter rekindles their connection, leading to a journey of creating captivating games and exploring intimacy.

The novel expertly navigates the perfect worlds they craft, the imperfections of real life, and the chaos that comes after success. It’s an enthralling exploration of identity, creativity, disability, and our profound need for connection and love.

Gabrielle Zevin delivers a powerful and beautiful narrative. Our only criticism is there are *occasional* moments that may feel a little disconnected or dry so we deducted a point.

Glorious rating: 9/10

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