Versace Tennis?!

Add a touch of luxury to your tennis game…

Versace Tennis Balls, the luxury brand’s extravagant take on a basic sporting essential. These tennis balls, available in flashy fuchsia pink and vibrant yellow, come at a whopping price tag of £55, a far cry from your ordinary £5 tennis ball tube.

Let’s be clear: Versace Tennis Balls do precisely what any tennis ball should do – bounce and spin. But what sets them apart? It’s the Versace branding, and nothing else. These balls are a blatant symbol of conspicuous consumption, leaving you to ponder whether it’s an indulgence or simply an excessive gesture of opulence.

For that premium price, you receive a set of three tennis balls, all encased in a fancy logo-printed tube with a matching lid. The lavish packaging might give you a sense of extravagance, but it’s worth asking if it’s really necessary on the tennis court.

Versace Tennis Balls might be ridiculous and ostentatious, but for some, they represent a peculiar form of fun. If you’re looking for a conversation starter or wish to flaunt your status on the tennis court, these balls have got you covered. Just remember, you’re essentially paying a hefty price for the Versace name on a tennis ball, and that’s about it.

Price: £55

Function: 10/10

Fashion: 10/10

Affordability: 1/10

Also available in pink and yellow