Benefits of Darkness



Humans have a strange relationship with the dark.

It can be a source of fear, anxiety, and discomfort, but it can also be a place of peace, solitude, and reflection. Despite the negative connotations that come with being alone in the dark, recent research has shown that spending time in darkness can actually be beneficial for our minds and bodies. So, should we be spending more time in the dark? Let’s explore the benefits.

One woman who recently emerged from a dark cave after spending 500 days alone is Spanish sportswoman Beatriz Flamini (pictured). Flamini went underground as part of an experiment to learn more about circadian rhythms and the human mind. Despite isolation, Flamini emerged from the cave with a smile on her face, saying that the time had flown by. During her time underground, she spent her days reading, painting, exercising, and trying to maintain coherence. The experience was certainly extreme, but it did demonstrate the power of solitude and darkness.

But you don’t have to spend 500 days in a cave to reap the benefits of being alone in the dark. Recent new UK TV show on Channel 4 called “Pitch Black” saw celebrities spending time in complete darkness. Hosted by Danny Dyer, the competition saw celebrities become more reliant on each other than ever before. As they compete to earn precious moments in the light, their bond was at an all-time high. The show explores the idea that being in the dark can bring people together, highlighting the importance of human connection.

So, what are the benefits of spending time in the dark? Firstly and most obviously, it can improve your sleep quality. Darkness signals to our bodies that it’s time to sleep, so spending time in a dark environment can help regulate your sleep patterns. Additionally, being in the dark can reduce stress and anxiety levels. It allows us to disconnect from the outside world and focus on ourselves, promoting relaxation and mindfulness. Lastly, spending time in the dark can improve your creativity. It allows your mind to wander and encourages new thoughts and ideas.

In conclusion, spending time in the dark can have surprising benefits for our mental and physical health. While extreme situations like Flamini’s are not necessary, there are simple ways to incorporate darkness into our daily routines. Whether it’s turning off the lights for a few minutes before bed or practising meditation in a dark room, the benefits of being alone in the dark are worth exploring. So, embrace the darkness, and see where it takes you!

Turn the lights off!

Team Glorious x