Tag: water

The High Life

“There’s danger, but this doesn’t make us reckless.” The female radicals of the competitive diving world on learning to befriend their most poisonous fears

By Anna Hart

Darcy Gaechter's Amazon Odyssey

Bandits, haircuts, sexism and a lot of capsizing. Darcy Gaechter’s journey from newbie to world-class expedition kayaker changed the sport forever

By Sam Haddad

Take A Dip

Forget the pool, says Alice Barraclough – this summer is all about swimming wild and free. “You become addicted to the effects of it – you just feel great and buzzy all day.”

By Alice Barraclough

In Conversation With Zena Holloway

“Water has a way of stripping an image back, taking some of the reality away and revealing a different perspective,” says photographer Zena Holloway

By Glorious

Taking The Plunge

The ritual of a freshwater dip is healing for many. We speak to Wonderful Wild Women about community, courage and braving the cold

By Annabel Herrick

Meet The First

The extraordinary life of the American luminary, Dottie Frazier. From snakes to sharks, it's fair to say that the first female scuba diver has a few stories to tell

By Annabel Herrick