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Class Act

BLOK’s Head of Movement, Lotti Maddox, tells Glorious how her role changed her perception of exercise, and why a cross-discipline approach is the key to finding joy through fitness

By Emma Taylor

Bright Ideas

Illustrator Matt Munday creates work that celebrates the beauty and joy of movement. And, as he tells Glorious, “If I can put a smile on a few faces, then it’s definitely worth doing.”

By Glorious

In Conversation With Zena Holloway

“Water has a way of stripping an image back, taking some of the reality away and revealing a different perspective,” says photographer Zena Holloway

By Glorious

Agency Of Movement

From school level onwards, we need to redefine sport for women. A conversation between Al Greenwood and Ceylon Hickman at Football Beyond Borders

By Al Greenwood

Palpable Energy

How London artist Kelly Anna has drawn on her sporting background to reach sky-high success with her signature portrayal of female strength

By Bre Graham

Circle of Hope

Power to the hoop. We speak to a viral social media star about uplifting India with the simplest of sports

By Rathina Sankari

Ballet Body

Is the archaic ballet world finally opening up to those offering something different to the traditional image? We ask the experts

By Faima Bakar

Q&A: Amy Harrity

The LA photographer on flipping the aesthetic of female strength through sport and movement

By Annabel Herrick