Tag: feminism

Football Freestyler

Instagram sensation Aguska Mnich is lighting up the world of football freestyle. “I don’t know what’s happening but times are changing”

By Ralph Jones

Fashion In Motion

Meet sportswear specialist Claudine Rousseau: “My job is to create clothing that responds to the need of a cyclist and to make sure it’s done in a refined way”

By Annabel Herrick

Sail For Success

An interview with Alice Masterman on defying the odds and sticking with sailing: “You’re wondering why there is suddenly a 8:1 ratio of boys to girls”

By Sophie Penney

Athena Skates

“When boys and girls support each other that’s when the magic happens.” The women taking up space with a Greek roller revolution

By Alex King

Weighting Game

Wrestling patriarchal tradition. Why can’t women Sumo wrestlers go pro? We look at the history of the sport, from past to present.

By Emily Gosling

Fight or Flight

The story of the Flying Cholitas. We speak to photographer Todd Antony about capturing the magic of Bolivian wrestlers mid-air

By Alex Temblador

All To Play For

Garnering rare insight, Sports Team drummer Al Greenwood speaks to pro footballers about the origins and future of the women’s game

By Al Greenwood

Aquatic Sourcery

The evolution of synchronised swimming. We meet three teams across the world who all have something unique to offer

By Alice Snape

Unlocking The Future

How a new programme from our charity partner The Women’s Sport Trust is giving athletes the confidence to make real change and drive our mission forward

By Kate Carter

Wise Women

The Jeju freedivers of South Korea. How etched wrinkles and sun bleached skin convey beauty, strength and freedom found through fierce independence

By Darcie Imbert