Tag: athlete

The High Life

“There’s danger, but this doesn’t make us reckless.” The female radicals of the competitive diving world on learning to befriend their most poisonous fears

By Anna Hart

Driving Ambition

Nabila Tejpar is the driving force behind change in motorsport. As a professional rally driver, she knows all about working to the absolute limits plus the risk, and reward, that comes with it

By Katy Fairman

Running On Full

Ultrarunner Fernanda Maciel on her appetite for endurance: “So much of an ultra is about suffering, you need to go through the pain”

By Sam Haddad

Double Life

“I remember playing at Twickenham and the next day I was up on a pub roof putting a fire out.” Variety is the spice of life for rugby athlete Shaunagh Brown

By Kate Carter

On The Horizon

“I’m really interested in how we can push ourselves athletically as humans.’’ Paralympian rower Lauren Rowles simply credits hard graft for her sublime success

By Patricia Carswell

Going For It

“I am a work in progress.” Paralympic athlete Hannah Cockroft recounts the highlights, lowlights and life lessons of a fruitful career

By Hannah Cockroft

Sail For Success

An interview with Alice Masterman on defying the odds and sticking with sailing: “You’re wondering why there is suddenly a 8:1 ratio of boys to girls”

By Sophie Penney

Crowd Power

How much power does the crowd really hold and what are the consequences when there’s no crowd at all? Athletes and psychologists offer their thoughts

By Amy Abrahams

All To Play For

Garnering rare insight, Sports Team drummer Al Greenwood speaks to pro footballers about the origins and future of the women’s game

By Al Greenwood

A Leap Of Faith

“I was like Bambi on ice trying to jump again.” How parkour athlete and free runner Lynn Jung bounced back from injury

By Ellie Ross