Millie Bright

Meet Millie Bright, the formidable defender for Chelsea FC Women and the England national team. Discover her journey to success, impressive performances, and unwavering dedication that makes her a defensive powerhouse on the field.

Lucy Bronze

Discover the extraordinary journey of Lucy Bronze, the formidable right-back who defied all odds to become one of football's best. From bar tending to traveling long distances for training, her unwavering passion and determination have led to countless accolades and achievements.

Alex Greenwood

Meet Alex Greenwood, the talented left-back of Manchester City WFC and the England national team. Discover her journey from grassroots to becoming a key player in England's success, her impactful performances, and her inspiring contributions to the sport. Learn more about this accomplished footballer and her remarkable achievements.

Mary Earps

Learn about Mary Earps, the talented goalkeeper of Manchester United WFC and the England national team. From her impressive career milestones to her determination to overcome challenges, explore her journey and passion for the sport.

Jess Carter

Meet Jess Carter, the talented and versatile player of Chelsea FC Women and the England national team. Discover her journey from grassroots to becoming a regular on the WSL scene, her senior debut, and how she played a key role in England's success at EURO 2022. Read on to learn more about this rising star in football.

Rachel Daly

Explore Rachel Daly's incredible journey, from her roots in England to making her mark in the USA's NWSL and representing both England and Great Britain on the global football stage. Her story is one of versatility, triumphs, and a passion that knows no borders.

Keira Walsh

Meet Keira Walsh, the midfield maestro who transitioned from Rochdale to FC Barcelona, earning her place as a playmaking powerhouse for both club and country. Discover her triumphs, leadership, and impact beyond the pitch.

Georgia Stanway

Georgia Stanway, the rising star of English football, dazzles as an attacking midfielder for Bayern Munich and the England national team. Discover her journey, achievements, and dynamic performances on the pitch.

Ella Toone

Ella Toone, born on September 2, 1999, in Tyldesley, is a rising football talent. With Manchester United WFC and 36 senior caps for England, her journey of dedication and triumph unfolds.

Alessia Russo

Dive into Alessia Russo's inspiring journey from Maidstone to football glory! Uncover the story of a forward for Arsenal WFC and England, marked by determination and triumph, as she continues to leave an indelible mark on the sport

Lauren Hemp

Discover the meteoric rise of Lauren May Hemp, the dynamic English football sensation. From grassroots beginnings to international acclaim, explore her journey of skill and determination that continues to elevate the world of football.

Hannah Hampton

Learn about Hannah Hampton, the talented goalkeeper of Chelsea FC Women and the England national team. From her remarkable journey as a striker-turned-goalkeeper to her dedication to her national squad, explore her achievements and commitment to the sport.