October Picks: Gandys Made In India

Gandys International: A Perfect 10/10!


Gandys  is more than a backpacking flipflop  brand; it’s a movement that combines travel inspiration with giving back.
We LOVE their Made in India Collection, crafted with precision and passion in Kolkata, showcases their commitment to quality and sustainability. From bumbags to backpacks and water slings, these travel essentials are built to last, with a focus on ethical practices and craftsmanship.

Gandys founders, Rob and Paul, fell in love with India during their travels and founded the brand with a mission to support child education projects worldwide. When you choose Gandys, you’re not only getting fashionable and durable products; you’re doing the right thing!

Our Rating:

Fashion: 8/10
Quality (Craftsmanship): 10/10
Price Point: Super reasonable, starting at £59.99

In summary, Gandys a brand with a purpose. Their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, combined with their high-quality products, makes them a standout choice for travelers. With a perfect 10/10 rating, Gandys International is fashion with a heart.

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