Lauren Hemp

Lauren Hemp: From North Walsham to Manchester City and England


Lauren May Hemp, born on August 7, 2000, in North Walsham, England, is a dynamic force in football. Standing at 5ft 5in (164cm) with a preferred left foot, her journey from grassroots to global recognition reflects a remarkable ascent.

Lauren’s early passion for the game bloomed while playing with her sister Amy and led her to North Walsham FC boys’ team. She honed her skills at Norwich City’s Centre of Excellence before joining Bristol City at 16, a move that ignited her ascent.

Swift and skilled, Lauren joined Manchester City at 17, swiftly claiming her place as a game-changer. Her national team debut in 2019 marked a milestone in her journey, cementing her role as a Lioness. From contributing to youth World Cup victories to lifting the Arnold Clark Cup, her impact resonates.

Lauren’s electrifying play and dedication exemplify football’s allure. Her story inspires, proving that a relentless pursuit of greatness can transcend boundaries and create a legacy.