Katie Zelmen


Katie Zelem: Leading from the Midfield


Katie Leigh Zelem, born on 20 January 1996 in Oldham, England, has carved her path in football with sheer determination and a relentless passion for the game. An accomplished midfielder, Katie’s journey from Oldham to Manchester United’s captaincy and international recognition is a testament to her resilience and unwavering commitment.

Coming from a lineage steeped in football, with a father and uncle who played the sport professionally, Zelem’s journey began at Manchester United’s centre of excellence. She later honed her skills at Liverpool and gained invaluable experience during a season with Juventus in Italy.

A versatile player, Zelem transitioned from a winger to a central role, showcasing her adaptability and skill set. Her performances for Manchester United were not only pivotal to the club but also earned her recognition on the international stage. Zelem’s journey through England’s youth ranks, from U15s to U23s, set the foundation for her meteoric rise.

Phil Neville took note of her captaincy skills as she led Manchester United during the 2019-20 campaign. In September 2020, Zelem’s invitation to the Lionesses’ senior squad for a training camp marked her progress.

Her debut for England came in style during a resounding 20-0 victory over Latvia. A part of the squad that clinched the inaugural Arnold Clark Cup, Zelem’s journey is intertwined with the Lionesses’ success story.

Off the field, Katie’s admiration for Fara Williams underscores her commitment to midfield mastery. As she continues to captain Manchester United, Zelem exemplifies leadership, resilience, and a passion for the beautiful game.