Katie Robinson


Katie Robinson: From Local Roots to International Heights!


Introducing Katie Robinson, a dynamic and speedy winger born on 8 August 2002, who has been making waves in the world of women’s football. Hailing from Newquay, England, Katie’s journey from local grassroots football to the international stage is a testament to her determination and natural talent.

Katie’s ascent to the top began by carving her place in local boys’ grassroots football in Newquay. Her innate skills and passion for the game quickly earned her recognition, leading her to shine in the Cornwall Girls Advanced Coaching Centre and even at the Plymouth Argyle boys’ centre of excellence.

Her relentless commitment to improvement was evident as she caught the eye of Bristol City, where she made her Barclays Women’s Super League debut in October 2018. Over two seasons, Robinson showcased her prowess and versatility on the field, setting her sights on even greater horizons.

Representing Brighton & Hove Albion in the Women’s Super League, Katie continued to flourish. Her remarkable speed and skill were not only an asset to her club but also caught the attention of the England senior squad. In November 2022, she earned her first call-up to the national team for matches against Japan and Norway in Spain, a testament to her exceptional talent.

As Robinson continues to dazzle on the pitch, her journey stands as an inspiring example of the impact of dedication and hard work on the road to success.