SAFE: Night Running



Running in the dark can be dangerous enough, but as women it is sensible to take extra precautions on your solo evening runs, especially now that we are blessed with the dreaded 4pm sunsets.

We’re sure you’ve been inundated with safety tips like these your entire life. But it never hurts to refresh your memory, or spread the word about the number of ways to keep you and your friends safe during these dark winter mornings and nights.

Glorious have got you covered with this guide of things to be mindful of, and handy accessories to help you stay visible and safe while out in the dark, taking the stress out of your nighttime jog!

1. Be Present

We know that getting lost in thought during your run is sometimes the perfect way to switch off from your day, but slipping out of awareness of your surroundings can be risky business. Staying present, running a familiar, well-lit route, and keeping your music to a low volume will help you to remain conscious of your environment and aware of any threats to your safety. The TrailRouter app has a great ‘avoid unlit streets’ function that will reroute you through your area’s best-lit roads, doing the hard work for you (or not!)

2. Carry An Alarm

Carrying a safety alarm in your pocket or on your keys is an easy precaution to take if you need to let others know you are in danger. We love Angela’s personal safety alarms that flash 200-lumen lights and sound as loud as a jet engine at the pull of a trigger, and also attach nicely to your keys or purse. Also visit @meetangela on TikTok for advice on keeping safe and feeling confident on your night time runs.

3. Safety Keychains

Also check out safety equipment kits from @fearlesskeychains on TikTok – set up by a young entrepreneurial woman on a mission to make safety stylish. Her keychains include a mini torch, alarm, and red tracking spray to help keep you safe when alone at night. Her products are always in high demand (unfortunately, but not surprisingly), so keep an eye out for regular restocks.

4. Ask For Angela

The Met Police’s Ask for Angela initiative is another great safety net you can rely on for help when you’re out on your runs. Ask for Angela was designed for anyone who feels unsafe, vulnerable or threatened when out in London. So if you need help, simply run into the nearest licensed establishment and ask the staff for ‘Angela’ to receive assistance from a trained member of staff who will recognise the code.

5. Wear Reflective Clothing

While watching out for threats from others around you, it is also wise to make sure they can watch out for you. Wearing reflective clothing or accessories is a great way to make your presence known in the face of oncoming traffic or pedestrians. We love Safety Skin’s reflective ‘spread’, a deodorant-like stick that can be used on skin, clothing or equipment to make yourself visible in low light scenarios.

Also check out Flipbelt’s classic storage belt in ‘Nuclear Yellow’ to add a fluorescent touch to your running kit, that also makes the perfect store for your safety keychains!

Happy and safe running!