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We all know running is good for your body, your mind… bla bla bla.

When winter hits us at full force, we also know it’s incredibly difficult to find the motivation to leap out of bed or jump off the sofa, lace up your trainers and pound the pavement.

This year, I made a commitment to myself, that I was no longer going to be a fair weather runner. I was going to battle through wind and rain, which would often be in the dark, but determined not to let my running stamina slip post the summer months. Being intrinsically lazy, I was definitely going to need some motivation, so enter Runna!

Described as your “personal running coach”, if you’re serious about running and want to increase your speed and endurance, this is the app for you. Runna is designed to be a running coach on your phone or your wrist. The premise of the app is simple – it creates a running plan for you based on your goal, and tweaks it depending on your current fitness level, how often you are able to run, and the days of the week that you prefer running.

Having access to world-class training, coaching and a whole community on my wrist (yes, it’s Smart Watch integrated) makes me feel motivated and much more confident about my running abilities. It’s as though I have a one-to-one running coach (with a significantly cheaper price tag!).

I decided to challenge myself and in a moment of madness signed up for a half marathon. I have a plan tailored to me, which can easily be tweaked at any time. Any questions I have are quickly answered (I usually spend ages trawling Google looking for answers) and I am learning so much more about my body in terms of recovery and fuelling.

A few years ago I failed miserably at my previous attempt at a half marathon due to being completely unprepared. I had no clue what I was doing, had no concept of pacing myself and impressively managed to sprain my ankle on mile 8, crashing out of the race in a shambolic fashion.

I’m proud to say that due to this app, I have never felt more motivated to leap (ok, roll) out of bed and get moving. Next week, I will be running with my trusty running companion wrapped around my wrist, reminding me to pace myself and motivate me to cross the finish line. So, whether you’re doing a couch to 5k plan, training for your first marathon, or are basically a pro, this app is a must try!

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