MAY: Top 5 Podcasts

The Price of Paradise by Wondery

Escape the quaint charm of your English village life and trade it for… a deserted Nicaraguan island? Sounds idyllic, right? Wrong! This new reality show throws a family headfirst into paradise with a camera crew in tow. But paradise turns sour when the locals claim the island’s been illegally sold, and they’re not budging. This idyllic escape quickly turns deadly. Currently on episode 3 and I’m HOOKED – what could possibly go wrong?!

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WHOOP Podcast by Whoop

WHOOP Founder Will Ahmed leads insightful conversations with peak performers – athletes, scientists, and experts – to reveal the secrets behind their success. Every episode dives into sleep, recovery, nutrition, training, and lifestyle strategies that can help you optimise your own performance. Really enjoyed their recent episode featuring American football coach Lori Locust. She discusses her journey in a traditionally male-dominated field and her belief in the rising power of female coaches.

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Why Do You Hate Me? by BBC Radio 4

The online world can be a breeding ground for hate. But why do some people behave the way they do on social media? In each episode, the BBC’s Disinformation and social media correspondent Marianna Spring – one of the most trolled BBC journalists – dives into her inbox and investigates a different extraordinary case of online hate to find out. She meets the people at the heart of these conflicts, and in some cases brings them together, to see if understanding – even forgiveness – is ever possible.

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Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus by Lemonada

Julia Louis-Dreyfus returns for Season 2 of her award-winning podcast, Wiser Than Me. Each week, she has funny, touching, personal conversations with iconic older women who are brimming with the kind of unapologetic attitude and wisdom that only comes with age. Julia sits at the feet of some extraordinary teachers this season, and of course her 90-year-old mom, Judy. I keep coming back to this podcast series – recent episodes with Sally Field and Beverly Johnson were brilliant.

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If I Speak… by Novara Media

Can you teach an adult empathy? Do I have to be nice to friends partners? Are we trapped in a fantasy?! Ash Sarkar and Moya Lothian-McLean sort the personal from the political, tackle listener dilemmas and air their opinions on the frustrations of modern life. This podcast is a perfect blend of humour and thought-provoking insights. It keeps you engaged and entertained while leaving you with something to ponder. Love it!

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