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Ever wondered what your favourite sporting stars get up to during the Christmas break? We asked some of our Glorious friends how they celebrate

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The big day is almost here, and we thought we’d ask our sporting stars and contributors to share their Christmas traditions. For most of us, it’s the time of year when we relax and spend precious time with family and friends, but some traditions might surprise you!

Georgie Twigg – Olympic Hockey Medallist

I absolutely love Christmas and spending it with my family. I’m always the one who insists we wake up early to open presents on Christmas Day and we still sit in the same places in the living room as we have done for years. We are also a very competitive family and so Christmas Day always consists of lots of quizzes and games. We always try to go to the carol concert at Lincoln Cathedral on Christmas Eve and if Lincoln City FC are playing at home on Boxing Day, we tend to go and watch them play. Read Georgie’s Glorious story here

Jodie Williams – GB Sprinter

I don’t have a Christmas sporting tradition, over the Christmas period I generally take the week off and focus on spending quality time with friends and family. This is a crucial recharging period for me and a rare opportunity for me to focus fully on the people around me! Christmas is big in our family, both my cousin and my mum have birthdays around this time and on Boxing time our whole extended family get together to eat and catch up, it’s one of my favourite days of the year! Read Jodie’s Glorious story here

Anya Lahiri – Barry’s Master Trainer

We always head down to Hove on Christmas Eve to see my sister and celebrate Scandi style as I’m half Finnish. If the kids let me, I try my best to get a casual run along the beach ahead of a huge meal. The sea air is good for the soul! Christmas Day is all about family so exercise takes a back seat. Boxing Day we always head out somewhere with the dogs to reset. Read Anya’s Glorious story here

Mária Švarbová – Photographer

Not only during the holidays, I try to have training 4-5 times a week. I prefer to train alone with my own weight. I hope that during Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve I will be able to do the workout as always, because I’m going to have a festive dinner. That’s my traditional Christmas cooking. The whole family is coming to me for Christmas Eve and I will prepare fish and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere from the morning. It could also snow, which will add an even greater atmosphere. Sometimes we get used to hiking during Christmas day with my sister. Of course I’m looking forward to relaxation and time for myself only. Read Mária’s Glorious story here

Sam Briggs – CrossFit Athlete

Over Christmas I normally participate in some kind of fitness challenge to raise money for charity. Last year was the craziest with 100km challenge consisting of 50km row and 50km run. This year on Christmas Day I’ll be cycling 5,000 calories which I’m hoping to do in around 7 hours to raise money for St Judes Children’s hospital. Read Sam’s Glorious story here

Shaunagh Brown – Rugby Union Player

I’ve got a big game on 27th December, so Christmas will have to be low key for me this year. The Christmas tradition is that immediate family are together, eating and drinking lots. I always have smoked salmon and croissants for breakfast with a Buck’s Fizz and always prawn cocktail as a starter. I have only one cooking job and that’s to make the Yorkshire puddings from scratch. They get better every year. I generally chill and don’t think about sport too much during this period and use it as a switch off, although this Boxing Day I’m going to watch West Ham play at their new Olympic stadium. Read Shaunagh’s Glorious story here

Bev Clifford – Angler

Every Christmas Eve I go to my best friend’s house. We take the dogs for a walk and then enjoy some food and festivities. I still like to wake up early on Christmas morning like any other day, and get my morning run in! There’s something special to me about running on Christmas day as it’s quieter and fewer people around than any other day of the year. I think I’m the only person in my family that gets more excited about all the vegetables that come with Christmas dinner than I do the rest of the amazing food! Read Bev’s Glorious story here

Kelly Gunner – Tomme Studio

My Christmas is split between two households, so I have two Christmases – Christmas day and Boxing day. Christmas Day, we put a fire on the TV (as we sadly dont have a real one), spend alot of time with family, drinking mulled cider and watching Elf. We sometimes go to Hunstanton Beach in Norfolk to watch people jump in the sea. Boxing day is playing board games, more presents, watching the football and drinking prosecco. Read Kelly’s Glorious story here

Danni Gallacher – Girl Skate UK

Christmas Eve mornings are always spent wandering around my forest garden, harvesting the potatoes, carrots, turnips, sprouts and cabbage for dinner. I like to take advantage of the empty streets on Christmas Day and go for an hour’s skate! Read Danni’s Glorious story here

Laura Evans – St Ives Mermaid

Christmas morning is all about getting in the sea with a few friends and family. We’ve been very lucky that the past few years have been mild and sunny every Christmas but we’ll be getting in whatever the weather! New Year is always a spectacle of fancy dress in St Ives but my girlfriend and I, along with a couple of friends, retreat to a local beach where we light a fire and hop into the sea naked at midnight. As far as we’re concerned, it’s the perfect way to bring in the New Year. Read Laura’s Glorious story here

Al Greenwood –  Sports Team Drummer

I grew up in a very tight-knit community in Leeds and we’ve managed to maintain the traditions of spending Christmas together – Christmas Eve evening, one household hosts a big curry night and everyone gets one present each, then Christmas morning my family hosts a fry-up for the neighbourhood (and succesfully sabotages Christmas lunch schedules), then Boxing Day eve it’s over to another family for ham and dhal. In terms of sport, my brother, dad and I try to get to Old Trafford to watch Manchester United, but given there’s no Boxing Day home fixture this year, we’re heading to my dad’s new home in Scarborough to watch the fishermen take on the lifeguards on the beach – an annual football affair! Read Al’s Glorious story here

Kat Pither – Yogi Bare

Does trying to climb the Christmas tree count? Several years ago I tried to recreate the scene from Elf and it ended up with a bed bound injury until New year! Now I’m a lot more tame and nothing beats fresh icy walks in nature. We spend so much time indoors in winter that we forget to see how beautiful it really is and I love going deep enough into nature to hear the sounds of the birds who stayed for winter. Read Kat’s Glorious story here

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