Goal Setting

It's far better to set attainable goals rather than make unachievable New Year resolutions! We asked some superstar athletes and Glorious contributors what dreams they want to turn into a reality in 2022

By Glorious

Yes, it’s that time when we’re about to step into January and it feels like a whole new beginning. There’s no quick fix to losing weight, quitting smoking, learning a new hobby etc, all common resolutions that will often make you miserable, but if you set measurable goals throughout the year, you’re far more likely to succeed.  Here’s what some superstar athletes and Glorious contributors would like to achieve in 2022.

Laura Bailey holding gloves to face

Laura Bailey – Model, Photographer and Contributing Editor at British Vogue

To travel and take more time out. To shoot for pleasure and adventure and experiment as well as for work. To learn guitar and French (but I say that every year). Even more tennis! Practise roller skating in advance of Flippers opening in London summer 22! More live music / live everything. Happy, healthy teens and friends and family. Less screens, more sport. More adventures. Road trips, hikes and hopefully a very big bike ride in Ireland… Read Laura’s Glorious story here!

Collage of Mhairi Maclennan running and smiling

Mhairi Maclennan – Cross-Country Runner

I have a lot of goals for 2022! I want to continue making an impact with Kyniska Advocacy – we have two exciting projects launching in the first half of the year. One focuses on abuse in sport, which is a policy recommendations report written in coalition with other organisations, and the other is an awareness campaign around coaching the female athlete and embracing our different bodies in order to reject the stereotypes of the unattainable mould of the female athlete body. For sport, I want to get back to my best and improve on that – my pipeline dream is to qualify for the Commonwealth Games, but what I really want is to get back my mojo and be consistent in my training and racing! Read Mhairi’s Glorious story here!

Lois O’Hara – Artist and Designer

My goal for 2022 is to paint even bigger public spaces than I have already! I’d also like to do some charity work for the homeless, and I want to get better at yoga so I’m going to practise that a lot more. Read Lois’s Glorious story here!

Illustration of Lydia Heywood smiling on a horse

Lydia Heywood – Event Rider

During December I moved to a yard that is managed by GB gold medallist Phoebe Locke, which means that I can train more and focus on riding successfully at international level. Also, I’m proud to be working with The Royal Agricultural University as a DEI consultant. They have a fantastic vision and hunger to diversify campus, so developing their access and participation plan should bring various new opportunities for young people in and out of the saddle. Read Lydia’s Glorious story here!

Fernanda Maciel running amongst mountains

Fernanda Maciel – Ultra-Marathoner

My first 2022 goal starts soon. On the 2nd January I will go to Patagonia for a tough project, to run the Hielo Continental, showing how it can be preserved. It is a giant ice field that I would like to run in less than 24 hours. Usually it takes 8 days to complete if weather conditions are good. I can’t wait! Everybody will be able to follow me and Kaytlyn Gebin for this challenge, we are running together choked up on the glaciers. Read Fernanda’s Glorious story here!

Siobhan Taylor smiling looking to the side

Siobhan Taylor – Powerlifter

My goals for 2022 are the same as they have been every year since I picked up a barbell – lift more weight, lift it better, lift it faster, and lift it more often. Talent doesn’t make progression, consistency does. As for home and work, you’ll have to wait and see! Read Siobhan’s Glorious story here!

Lynn Jung jumping over fence

Lynn Jung – Freerunner and Parkour Athlete

I recently went to the gym to do my usual strength programme and somehow ended up running 16km on the treadmill instead. Although I was aching a lot, I hadn’t felt that good in a while. I now want to run a marathon in the New Year. I am not a long distance runner, and the thought of running a marathon scares me, but it also excites me. I think I should do it! Read Lynn’s Glorious story here!

Sarah Gerrish smiling in lake

Sarah Gerrish – Founder, Wonderful Wild Women

Goals for 2022 will be to carry on much like we have been. After tentative steps in 2021, we are hopeful that we can continue to meet up more often as a community and offer more diverse ways for us to come together. We may also look to progressing a Community challenge to raise money for our 2022 chosen charity. Many of us have personal goals which have had to take a back seat over the past couple of years. Personally I’m hoping to attempt The Bob Graham Round in the summer which is 66 miles around 42 of the Lake District Fells, in (hopefully) under 24 hours. Read the Wonderful Wild Women’s Glorious story here!

Maeve McKenny arms crossed holding Lacrosse brine

Maeve McKenny – Lacrosse Player

My main goal and biggest dream for 2022 is to be selected for the lacrosse World Cup, which is being held in the USA in the summer. Aside from that, I would like to hit a 100kg clean in the gym! I normally find myself an obscure New Year’s resolution – once I gave up chocolate for my New Year’s resolution and stopped eating it for 8 years – I have made up for it ever since! Read Maeve’s Glorious story here!

Kortney Olson lifting weights

Kortney Olson – Athlete and Founder of GRRRL

My major goal in 2022 is to produce a wrestling and muscle-fetish documentary that highlights gender roles, while helping women realise that beauty is not what is on the cover of a magazine, and for men to understand that there is nothing wrong with them for admiring strong, powerful women. Essentially, I’ll be filming what the middle section of my memoir, “Crushing It”, is about. Read Kortney’s Glorious story here!

Gemma Harrison-Warman on a bike

Gemma Harrison-Warman – Co-Founder VC London

I’d love to make even more time for experiencing amazing things with my family. We moved to a 200 year-old farm in North Wales earlier this year, so we’re aiming to hike most of the mountains in the area together. We also have some amazing moto and downhill MTB trails right on our doorstep (one of the biggest reasons why we moved here), so getting out on them as much as possible together is top of the list for 2022. Read Gemma’s Glorious story here!

Kadeen Corbin – England Netball Player

My goals for 2022 are to continue building my massage business and to keep pushing the word on women’s sport, to make sure it stays visible. I also want to complete the Vitality Netball Superleague with Saracens Mavericks as champs, which is the best challenge to come. Read Kadeen’s Glorious story here!

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